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Service and Repairs


As part of our aim, we want your tub to look and feel the same as the first day you got into it.

The acrylic looked shiny and unblemished, the cover was clean and shiny, the outer casing was scratch free, and (if wood) was oil treated.

We want you to have that new tub feel again and our service calls can go someway to providing just that.

They range from a simple water change and chemical check, to a full drain, clean and treat including casing.

Prices start at only £99 for a pre-booked service call, please call and advise us of your requirements and we can arrange a price and time to suit you.

Please  contact us to discuss your requirements.


Empty and Refill Hot Tub



Empty, Polish and Refill Hot Tub



As Silver with System biofilm Flush and Water Balance



As Gold with internal inspection of pumps, pipework, heater and control pack



Please call for details


      Before!                           After!

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