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Welcome to the Spa Doctor  

We at The Spa Doctor know what your Hot Tub or Spa means to you, and we want to help you to look after it so as to give you all the benefits you would come to expect from it.

We offer many different services from a brokerage facility to initial installation of the Hot Tub or Spa all the way through to  cleaning and maintenance, including  chemical sales and spares to  Fault finding and Repairs etc.

Now offering  Extended Warranties on various tubs (subject to terms and conditions)

Do You Flush?? - If you don't regularly flush your tubs piping system you WILL have a buildup of Bio film. Use our Fantastic  Bio film remover in your tub and see for yourself what has been lurking in the pipes!
See here for the facts on Bio filmprotect your family today and FLUSH!

Now offering Authorized Warranty Repairs for Spaform, Arctic Spas, Jacuzzi, Hydropool, Spa Crest, Passion, Pure, Softub and some Chinese Hot Tubs eg. Winer, Oceanic spas, within manufacturers warranty periods (subject to terms and conditions)

Also Access to thousands of spare parts for a wide variety of Hot Tubs and Spas for either repairs by our engineers or as a DIY repair to save money by yourselves.

Our Shop is now open for business, offering great value products.

Ask about our special offers on  filters for all makes and model of tubs.

Please explore the site in order to answer any questions you have, and contact us should you wish any further information or to book a call.

Gregg Titmuss

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