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Heat Pumps

The Spa Doctor can now offer alternative heating for swimspas and hot tubs using AIR!

In a world of changing environmental and economic ideas the use of standard electrical heating syustems is costing more and more in both the environment and in the pocket!

We can now offer an affordible alternative heating sourse which can be retro fitted to many makes and models of Swimspas and hot tubs.

The benifits of these are faster heating times, easier to maintain temperatures, and all this at a fraction of the running cost of an electric heater.

Known as Air Source Heat Pumps (ASHP) these units draw in air, compress and remove all the heat which is transfered into the tub's water and the air is then blown out cold!

Using only around 1 Kw of electrical energy these units can provide up to 7Kw of heat to the water a huge saving in time and money.

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