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Frozen Tubs

Service and Repairs

Hot Tubs are generally outdoors used 52 weeks of the year.
when problems arise tubs are sometimes not at a priority and can be neglected and forgetten (especially duing the cold wet months).

This is where bigger problems can raise their ugly heads, freezing conditions can be very dangerous for an empty hot tub or spa as frozen water that is sat in the pipes (of which unless it has been professionally drained)will expand and potentially crack the pipes, fittings or pump ends, which will be costly repairs.

As well as the potential for cracking pipes, a major and often overlooked problem is the water left in the pipes is untreated and the potential for bacterial growth is high endangering your family's heath when the hot tub is re opened.

Our services include a winterise proceedure which will ensure the hot tub water is totally removed from the spa including all the near impossible places to reach, so when you decide it's time to open your spa up again, it will be clean and leak free!

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