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Our hot tub suffered from broken jets & filter covers after an over zelous visit from a friends son, who thought it was a mini swimming pool?? This rendered it virtually unusable. We had visits from several Hot Tub Specialists.. they at best said they would get back to us with quotes, at worst just shook their heads & said the sizes were obsolite & therefore they couldnt do anything.

Either way we were left dissapointed.

One evening my husband was surfing the net & came across the Spa Doctor, made contact & Gregg came out,this suprised my husband as it was a great distance, but apparantly distance is no object!! The consultation concluded in us needing to re-pipe the tub so we could have new jets & filters of a common size..(one specialist had already said this but the tub would need to be taken away to be done at a massive expence) Gregg got back to us in a couple of weeks with a price, arranged a day to come to do the job..and duly arrived!!

Gregg and his dad worked hard all day in the freezing cold (altho thank your lucky stars it wasnt lately..its been -9 and the rest lol!!) and got us back on track..there was a slight teething problem, but he came back and sorted it within the week...Even sorted out the timer for us.

Gregg is like Ronseal...does exactly what it says on the tin!

Had us up & running for our wedding anniversary..the best present of all.

The Spa Doctor supplied us with chemical and full maintainance instructions and has spoken to us twice since on the phone with advice FOC but no doubt will recover his costs in coffee on his next visit LOL

Warmest regards for the season are a star

Russell & Karen (Halifax)

Our hot tub had stopped working at the start of a week's holiday for 8 guests staying in our 5 star holiday let.
Despite the fact that Gregg's earliest appointment time was for three days later he managed to find the time and came out the next day.
He replaced the necessary parts (including some plant roots which had got inside the tub housing),checked everything out , and got it up and running ready for our guests evening dip!
He informed us of his actions by phone and didn't charge us a silly amount for what was effectively an "emergency call-out." *
If only the repairs of other household appliances could be treated in such a friendly and efficient way!
Thankyou Gregg!

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After ringing several firms and getting answer phones that where nobody ever ramg back it was a pleasent surprise when Gerg answered the phone.

I told him our tub had completely died and would not reset. He arrived on the day he said he would, diagnosed the problem, replaced the faulty part and tested the tub, before leaving 2 happy hot tubbers to continue enjoying life in the warm water.
Thank You

Have used Greg now for some years. Very reliable and knowledgable. I know he'll handle whatever the tub issue is.
Highly recommended
Terry C

Gregg commissioned our tub last week and we are delighted with it.

We've managed to lose the owner's manual however and Greg said he could email us a copy.

I'd be grateful if you could arrange this for us.

We would also like to say that Gregg was extremely helpful when demonstrating the spa and is a credit to your company.

Many thanks.

Sandra and Mike B

I will be using the hot tub tonight for the first time as it has just got up to temperature.
The two guys that did the work yesterday were brilliant.
They were extremely helpful and very positive.
They tackled the job in a very positive manner and nothing was too much trouble for them.
They overcame the problems of getting the tubs across our rockery and everything worked well.
The lorry driver was also very helpful and conscientious.
Many Thanks
John R

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