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Biofilm and Bacteria

Bio Film and Bacteria

Five Stages of Biofilm Development

Stage 1. Initial Attachment
Stage 2. Irreversible Attachment
Stage 3. Maturation I
Stage 4. Maturation II
Stage 5. Dispersion

Formation of biofilm starts with the attachment of free-floating microorganisms to a surface. At first the adhesion is weak and at this stage they can be easily separated from the surface. They then anchor themselves more permanently using cell adhesion structures. The matrix that holds the biofilm together builds further with the attachment of more cells. It is during this colonisation that cells are able to communicate via quorum sensing. The biofilm grows through a combination of cell division and recruitment. The final stage of biofilm formation is known as development, and is the stage where bacteria is released from the biofilm.

Use of Ahh-some Bio film cleaner removes the harmful biofilm and if used regularly will keep your water fresh and bacteria free.

1.Biofilms are the root cause of slime, mould, gunk and scale in hot tubs, and contain around 99% of bacteria found in spas.

2.Biofilms are difficult, if not impossible, to directly kill. Biofilms absorb chlorine, bromine and shock treatments; all of which are added in an attempt to kill the biofilm.

3.Biguanide products don't cause the mould or slime problem in hot tubs. However, due to their molecular structure, biguanide molecules (Baqua Spa, Soft Soak, Leisure Time Free) readily adhere to and become part of the biofilm.

4.Biofilms are the base of mould and slime. The biofilm colonies form the base on which mould and slime grow.

5.As biofilms break up and are released into the water, they can become aerosolised and mist up, causing fumes and odours which may be unpleasant to inhale, causing breathing problems.

6.When you place your skin in direct contact with biofilms, you can contract skin rashes and health issues.

7.Biofilms form the base of hot tub scale because hard water minerals are attracted to and become part of the biofilm. The low pH of biofilms helps it adhere to virtually any hot tub surface including plastic pipes, shells, jets, pillows, light lenses, etc.

Eliminate the Bacterior now with Ahh-some Bio film remover  

Surface gunk & slime

Ahh-Some® in action

Knowing and understanding what is actually causing any hot water care problems in your hot tub is crucial.
When you understand the causes you can effectively treat them and enjoy a superior soaking and relaxing experience.
Not only that, but you'll save significant time and money on water balance, shock, sanitisers, draining and refilling.
We look after our hot tub because we want to be comfortable.
We want to feel relaxed. We want to feel soothed.
We want our investment to last a long time and we want it to look good.
When you bring biofilm under control you deal directly with slime and mould, the water becomes better and easier to balance and you use less chlorine, bromine or any other sanitiser.

for great clean and safe water, add
Ahh-some Biofilm Remover today - Only £30!

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